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We can transcribe anything

From interviews, meetings, lectures, podcasts, webinars, research interviews, multiple speaker discussions, video, legal dictation, court documents and correspondence - if it can be recorded, we can transcribe it. Of course, quality of the audio you provide us plays a big part in our ability to produce a quality transcript for you. Please refer to our TIPS ON PRODUCING QUALITY AUDIO page to ensure we provide you with the best possible transcript of your audio.

Services available locally, interstate and off-shore businesses

Although we are an Australian-based transcription service, with an Australian-based transcribing team, our services are available locally, interstate and world-wide, to both small and large businesses and corporations. In fact, a lot of overseas clients may actually benefit from the differing time zones in relation to turnaround of work.

Strict quality control = quality and accurate transcripts

All of Qwerty's transcribers are Australian-based and are required to possess an excellent knowledge of the English language. All of our transcribers adhere to a strict style guide, which ensures uniformity and consistency for all transcripts, regardless of who transcribes your work.

We also have an efficient quality control process, where all of our transcripts are proofread by a second person to ensure the transcript is of the best quality and accurate.

Confidentiality is assured

All Qwerty transcribers have signed strict confidentiality agreements and all files and related documents are permanently deleted by all our operators once you have confirmed you have received your completed documents, and the job is closed off.

Uncomplicated fee structure

We like to keep things simple for you, so, providing the audio is clear enough and your timestamping requirements are reasonable, we offer the one flat rate per minute of audio for all clients.

Should the audio quality and further requirements result in a significant increase in the time it will take or the difficultly for us to complete your job, we will discuss this further with you and be happy to negotiate a fee that you are satisfied with, taking those factors into account.

We love our clients!

We value our client relationships and will always strive to ensure that you are receiving the best quality work and are satisfied with our service. Nothing is ever a problem for us.


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