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How long does transcription take?

It is an industry standard that an experienced transcriptionist will take 3 to 4 times the length of an audio file to transcribe it. Therefore, 1 hour of audio will take around 3 to 4 hours, not including proofreading. Other factors can increase this time, i.e. number of speakers, heavy accents, background noise and bad quality audio.

How do you charge?

We charge on an per audio minute basis. As a general rule, we like to keep it simple by charging one flat rate per audio minute for all types of audio. If the quality of the audio or timestamping requirements means that it will greatly increase the time taken or difficulty to transcribe, we will advise you and will be happy to negotiate a fair price that everyone is satisfied with.

What kinds of audio can you transcribe?

Any audio that can be heard clearly, can be transcribed. We can cater for all file types, including video and cater for all industries and business.

Who transcribes my audio?

Qwerty has a team of experienced, qualified and dedicated Australian transcriptionists that have been hand picked for their skills. All Qwerty transcribers sign Confidentiality Agreements and adhere to a strict quality control process and style guide, ensuring high quality documents.

What about my Confidentiality and Disposal of Files/Audio

All Qwerty transcriptionists sign a Confidentiality Agreement before commencing work with Qwerty, and all of your files and transcripts are destroyed by all users after you confirm receipt of them with us.

Why should I use Qwerty?

Qwerty understands the importance of providing a professional, reliable and accurate service and is proud of its reputation and quality of work and therefore, is determined to maintain that. Qwerty will always ensure that you are 100% happy with your final documents and will happily discuss any concerns or questions over the phone, should you require. Nothing is too hard for us!

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